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Programme Overview

The European edition of the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit is currently under development. Please contact us to get the summit agenda.

The 2022 edition comprised the following sessions...


Session One: Industry Developments

Session Two: Green Ingredients

Session Three: Marketing Update

Session Three: Sustainability in Packaging

Workshop: Green Packaging Materials


Detailed Programme (2022 edition)

Monday 7th November

Session One: Industry Developments

Sustainability has now become an integral part of the cosmetics industry, with operators investing in a range of green initiatives. The opening session gave an update on sustainability issues, highlighting industry best-practices.

To begin, the keynote highlighted the power of collaboration when tackling environmental and societal issues. An update was given on sustainability schemes & ethical labels for cosmetic & personal care products. Details were given of a new initiative that aims to standardise measurement and communication of the environmental impact of cosmetics. Case studies were given of brands that have created climate-neutral cosmetics and nature-positive products. Following on from preceding discussions, the panel discussed the challenges of impact assessment.


Session Two: Green Ingredients

A growing array of green ingredients is now available for cosmetic and personal care products. This session gave details of new and emerging green raw materials, placing emphasis on those that can help companies move to circular systems.

The use of blockchain technology in providing transparency and traceability in ingredient supply chains was covered. The sustainability merits of upcycling was discussed; case studies were given of new upcycled ingredients, as well as brands using such ingredients in their formulations. Details were given of new bio-based ingredients and green chemicals for personal care products. To conclude, featured speakers debated approaches to raise adoption rates of green materials.


Tuesday 8th November

Session Three: Marketing Update

Marketing is a major challenge for brands with sustainable products. Consumers have to be educated and informed of the green credentials of a new product. With new developments, such as shampoo bars, waterless cosmetics and refillables, they also have to modify their behaviour when using and disposing of such products. This session covered such marketing issues and showcased success stories.

Industry experts also discussed the thorny issue of marketing communications. What are some of the best ways to get the green message across to consumers? How can marketing communications strengthen customer relationships? What is the way forward in the digital age?

Session Four: Sustainability in Packaging

Packaging is one of the biggest sustainability issues facing cosmetic & personal care brands. Although many studies show that plastic pollution is high on consumers list of environmental issues, brands struggle to replace plastic packaging. This session discussed the various ways cosmetic & personal care firms can reduce their packaging footprint, especially in terms of moving away from single-use plastics.

Seminars covered packaging design, new sustainable materials, and packaging-free products. Details were given of a new certification scheme that helps brands measure, reduce and offset their plastic footprints. Speakers also discussed the role of packaging in a circular economy.


Wednesday 9th November

Workshop: Green Packaging Materials

This workshop focused on materials that can replace single-use plastic packaging in cosmetic & personal care products. The major issues associated with packaging materials were discussed, as well as recycling rates and disposal issues. Details were given on the life-cycle of product packaging, highlighting the differences between packaging materials. Guidance and practical advice was given on how operators can reduce their packaging impacts.


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