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Program Overview

The Latin American edition of the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit will  comprise four dedicated sessions and a workshop. The tentative agenda...


Wednesday 16th March: Day One

Session One: Sustainability Developments

Session Two: Green Materials


Thursday 17th March: Day Two

Session Three: Marketing Best-Practices

Session Four: Packaging Impacts


Friday 18th March: Day Three

Workshop: Global Market for Natural & Organic Cosmetics Outlook


Please contact us to receive the detailed agenda.


Detailed Program

This is the detailed agenda of the previous Latin American edition…


Session One: Sustainability Update

Sustainability is rising on the corporate agenda, with many cosmetic and ingredient firms making green commitments. However, it is not always clear what environmental and societal issues to tackle and what to prioritize. The opening session gave an update on sustainability, showing how operators are tackling such challenges.

Following the keynote, an introduction is given to sustainability in the context of the summit agenda. Common approaches to measure impacts of cosmetic products were discussed, followed by the role of biomimicry in creating innovative products. A  leading cosmetics brand gave insights into how it is approaching sustainability and addressing its impacts. The session closed with featured speakers discussing practical approaches to raise the green agenda: what more can be done to encourage companies to take the road less travelled?


Session Two: Advances in Natural Ingredients

This session gave an update on the growing palette of natural raw materials for cosmetic & personal care applications. With growing concerns about origins and authenticity of agricultural-based ingredients, details were given of traceability schemes. The safety of natural ingredients was discussed, followed by details of new technologies to extract natural actives. Other papers covered anti-pollution skincare, natural hair care actives, and innovating with natural ingredients.

To close, featured speakers discussed impacts: although natural ingredients are now established, are they always better for the environment and human health? What are the sustainability issues when using such materials in cosmetic formulations?


Session Three: Marketing Best-Practices

Some argue that effective marketing can make the difference between success and failure in the cosmetic industry, especially for new products launches. This session covered marketing developments in the sustainable cosmetics arena, highlighting industry best-practices.

With growing interest in a vegan lifestyle, details were given of cosmetic products that meet such consumer's ethical needs. A case study was given of a pioneering organic brand, whilst the latest research on the organic consumer in Brazil was presented. Insights were given into how to market to the millennial consumers, described as the most avid buyers of ethical products. The use of digital marketing to transmit green values was discussed, followed by a panel discussion on marketing challenges. How can brands be more effective in getting the green message across to consumers?


Session Four: Sustainable Packaging

Packaging waste is now recognized as a major ecological hazard, linked to marine pollution and environmental degradation. This session explored the various ways cosmetic and personal care companies can reduce their packaging impacts. The role of eco-design approach and sustainable materials in lowering packaging footprints was discussed, whilst another paper showed how brands can close their packaging loops. Success stories were given of brands taking pioneering packaging initiatives.

The session closed with the panel discussing the role of packaging in a circular economy: how can packaging waste be re-used or find a new life in new applications so there is no pollution?


Workshop: Global Market for Natural & Organic Cosmetics

The global market for natural & organic cosmetics continues to expand, with sales surpassing USD 10 billion. The largest markets are in North America and Europe, with Latin America slow to ride the green wave.

This workshop gave a detailed account of the global market for natural & organic cosmetics, highlighting trends and developments in the major geographic regions. The role of certification, standards and green labels was outlined. Ingredient, product and distribution trends were covered, as well as competitive developments and consumer insights. Case studies were given of companies who are successfully riding the green wave. Future growth projections were given, as well as business openings for new entrants and existing participants.


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