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Program Overview

The North American edition of the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit comprises four sessions and a workshop. Please contact us to get the detailed agenda.

Session One: Sustainability Update

Session Two: Green Ingredients

Session Three: Marketing Developments

Session Four: Customer Impacts


Detailed Program

Wednesday 5th June

Session One: Sustainability Update

This session gives an update on sustainability developments in the cosmetics industry.

> Keynote: The Importance of Purpose

> Biomimicry: Inspiration from Nature

> Measuring Impacts of Personal Care Products

> Moving to Net Zero

> Reducing Environmental Impacts

> Sustainability in Retail

> New Green Packaging Materials

> Panel Discussion: Prioritizing Impacts of Cosmetic Products


 Session Two: Green Materials

This session gave details of new and emerging green ingredients for cosmetics and personal care products.

> Sustainable Ingredients from Biotechnology

> Novel Processing Techniques for Natural Ingredients

> Carbon Captured Molecules in Fragrances

> Novel Ingredients from Upcycling

> Emerging Sustainable Ingredients

> Deforestation-Free Supply Chains for Agricultural Ingredients

> Innovating with Green Ingredients

> Panel Discussion: Sourcing Ingredients for Sustainability


Thursday 6th June

Session Three: Marketing Developments

This session covers marketing issues associated with sustainable cosmetics.

> Keynote: Building A Sustainable Tomorrow

> Sustainability Schemes Update & Outlook

> Artificial Intelligence and Sustainable Cosmetics

> Generative Artificial Intelligence and Consumer Trends

> Captured Carbon Packaging for Cosmetics

> Green Marketing Claims Regulations Update

> Retailing Natural & Clean Beauty Products

> Panel Discussion: Marketing Communications for Sustainability


Session Four: Customer Impacts

Consumer behavior towards sustainability, as well as approaches to address customer impacts are covered in this session.

> Consumer Trends on Sustainability

> Ingredient Perceptions and Risks

> Decoding Ingredients for Transparency

> Social Inclusion and Equality in Retailing

> Creating Social Value with Natural Products

> Mindful Consumption and Sustainable Living

> Panel Discussion: Levers to Change Consumer Behavior


Wednesday 4th June

Workshop: Sustainability Metrics

This workshop discusses the practical use of sustainability metrics. Approaches to measure and quantify common sustainability indicators are described. Using case studies, the use of metrics to formulate sustainability plans / programs / objectives is highlighted. The use of metrics to encourage innovation and the shift to a circular economy will also described.


Please contact us to get the detailed summit agenda.

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